Is the Rivian R1T Better at Off-Roading than the Tesla Cybertruck?

With all the hype behind the Tesla Cybertruck, we have still yet to see any footage of the pick up conquering of road trails or any kind of off-road activities for that matter. In direct competition with Tesla, Rivian has chosen a different route when it comes to the R1T, with it’s diary-like blog found on it’s website, the “Long Way Up” series premiering on Apple TV this week, and its latest video. But, can the R1T beat the Cybertruck when it comes to offroading? The Cyber Truck, Truck Guy YouTube channel asks just that:

The answer to this question won’t be definitive, of course, until both trucks hit the market. However, the Rivian video allows us to analyze and compare the information given with what we already know about the Cybertruck.

In trails shown in the video, the presenter is clearly impressed with the R1T capabilities, reminding viewers that fishtailing and going over rocks is something off-roading offers better conditions to perform.

A main concern of the presenter, when it comes to most off-road tracks, is servicing since most of these tracks are in remote areas. Both Rivian and Tesla are developing their service centers but these centers need to be sturdy from the get go as any issues in these areas will require a strong maintenance network.

Another important detail that the presenter pointed out was whether the R1T has any underbody armor. The importance of underbody armor is extremely high in any off-road vehicle, let alone electric vehicles, as the battery packs are almost always installed there. If any damage were to be inflicted in that area it could be disastrous.

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