New EV Caravan with Solar Panels and a Backup Battery of Up to 12 kWh

Traveling in an electric car is an increasingly simple experience thanks to the increase in autonomy and the expansion of recharging networks. That is why we will see more and more solutions dedicated to those who want to take the road. The latest example is a caravan designed by the team at Polydrops, based in California, who has envisioned a system capable of providing us with a place to sleep and is energy self-sufficient.

Called P17A, this design is intended for those who want to live and work anywhere. A way to exploit the increasingly demanded telework, but taken to its maximum expression.

It has space for two people and has all the essential comforts one would demand: from plugs, a wide mattress, and an optional kitchen module accessible from the inside and the outside. The doors on all three sides have gull wings.

This model has a photovoltaic installation of between 260 and 520W, which feeds the passenger compartment’s needs, for example, the air conditioning and a battery of up to between 2.4 and 12kWh depending on the configuration. A pack made up of LiFePO4 cells and installed in the underbody. Something that allows the center of gravity of the set to be lowered somewhat provides autonomy for up to six days.

The interior is insulated with a structure fitted with a foam core that provides 8.7 ″ EPS insulation, avoiding or reducing the need to use the air conditioning system. On top of that, the entire aluminum frame is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag, and weight is optimally minimized—something key when we talk about towing with an electric car.

According to Polydrops, their tests with a Tesla Model 3 led them to complete the distance between Los Angeles and the city of Lone Pine on a single charge.

As for prices, these will depend on the selected configuration. With a 2.4 kWh battery and 260W solar panels, the cost starts at $24,990, which goes up to $25,970 if we decide on the 520W solar installation.

If we go for the more expensive version, with 520W panels and a 12 kWh battery, then this trailer’s price reaches $33,790.

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