Rivian’s Kitchen Camp Review

On an exclusive review by Techcrunch, the website went through the multiple features of Rivian’s truck.

Rivian Trucks are known to have different features, which makes the line of vehicles completely different from any other EV.

RJ Scaringe says that Rivian Vehicles are supposed to be for adventurous people, so they want to attract buyers by investing in this innovative equipment.

It is very impressive how they were able to attach a built-in kitchen on the truck. Using the energy provided by the battery, the cooktop can be used for 45 minutes, and the range of the car will reduce only in one mile.

Important to note that Rivian also provides tools to be used in the kitchen, but what makes things hard is, as said on the video by the website, the fact that people might have difficulties on fitting their own tools.


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  1. Yes to Rivian, Nothing wrong with something that can &. Will be the next #1 or 2 car company in the world…, Cutto’s

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