Tesla Model Y Price and Demand Continue to Skyrocket

The Tesla Model Y is getting a great reception in China in its first months of commercial life. Elon Musk’s company electric family SUV could already be configured at the beginning of this year through the brand’s official website in China, and reservations at its dealerships continue to rise.

Its prices were 339,900 yuan for the long-range dual-engine version and 369,900 CNY for the Performance.

They represented a decrease of 30% compared to the estimates published last year for the Chinese market. A situation that quickly triggered the reserves in the Asian country. Exiting with a price below expectations, possibly deliberate action by the manufacturer, aroused Chinese consumers’ interest, and the number of orders has increased significantly in these first three months.

Last week, the Tesla Model Y slightly raised its prices in its two versions for the Chinese market. Both increased in value by 8,000 yuan. A 2% increase in the two versions does not seem to have turned off Chinese consumers.

As reported by Tesla expert Ray4Tesla on his Twitter account, a local Shanghai television made a report touring several Tesla dealerships in the city. The vast majority of customers asked about this price increase for the Model Y and stated that they would continue to buy the model despite the rise.

Tesla’s move in this regard is clear. If the forecasts pointed to a Tesla Model Y 30% more expensive than its accurate launch price, the manufacturer still has room to make small price increases. This gives you room to adjust the demand for the model and generate future sales.

Beyond this marketing strategy, which Tesla applies very well to its commercial policy (suffice it to recall the explosion of reserves after the presentation of the Cybertruck), the truth is that China is becoming one of its most essential sales granaries. Musk himself has already stated on several occasions that shortly, it will be the country that buys the most Tesla, above the United States. Thanks, in large part, to the opening of its Giga Factory in Shanghai.

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