Let’s Compare the Tesla Model Y, NIO ES6, and BMW iX3

In China, they have wanted to face three brands from three different continents, but they are all manufactured in the Asian giant. NIO, BMW, and Tesla have faced each other in complete comparison to see who is ahead in performance on a closed circuit, where not only acceleration, but braking and other features have been tested.

The videos arrives from the Asian giant and provides us with exciting indications when evaluating three different proposals, marketed from three conceptually different industrial realities.

From the Chinese channel Car Home (汽车 之 家), we witness a series of videos of truly definitive comparative tests, which confronts a Tesla Model Y, an NIO ES6, and a BMW iX3.

Interesting results:
The results of the different tests, in which the integral four-wheel system’s traction test stands out, leave results where the true capabilities of each SUV are appreciated.

The Tesla Model Y manages to win the circuit test, proving that the Performance version’s extra horsepower was not necessary to shine before its opponents.

The test offered by the YouTube channel is revealing since it evaluates different dynamic characteristics of vehicles.

Acceleration, braking, traction in slippery conditions, faster circuit lap, elk test, and other measurements make apparent the capacity of these three proposals that arrive from China, Europe, and the United States.

Acceleration test:
The results obtained by the Chinese media in the 0-100 km/h test leave the NIO as the winner of this duel:
NIO ES6 – 4.33 s
Tesla Model Y – 5.03 s
BMW iX3 – 6.54s

While in the braking test (100-0 km/h), the Chinese SUV narrowly beats the Model Y:
NIO ES6 – 4.33 s
Tesla Model Y – 5.03 s
BMW iX3 – 6.54s

Summary of all tests:

One of the most exciting tests carried out during the day was the one that verifies the actual capacity of the all-wheel-drive system, where the departure of an electric car on a highly slippery surface is simulated.

The results obtained to leave the following ranking:
Tesla Model Y test failed with only one front wheel on the ground.
CHILD ES6 failed a test with a single front wheel on the ground.
BMW iX3 not tested.

Finally, in the circuit test, the lap time leaves the Tesla Model Y as the winner, which turned out to be the fastest of the three:
Tesla Model Y = 00: 57.00
NIO ES6 = 00: 59.54
BMW iX3 = 01: 00.38

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