Tesla’s Made in China Model 3 Receives Price Cut

The price of Tesla’s Model 3 in China has been reduced simultaneously with a range extension caused by the introduction of cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to its standard models.

CEO Elon Musk recently mentioned that he believes the energy density of LFP batteries have improved. During Tesla’s Battery Day event, LFP chemistry was discussed, which, although having lower density energy, is cheaper, safer, and has a long service life. Some very important factors when mass producing vehicles. Additionally, LFP batteries free up more battery supply of lithium ion chemistry cells for Tesla’s other vehicle programs.

Now we are learning that Tesla has officially updated its Model 3 lineup in China:

Tesla updated its online Model 3 configurator with new prices after incentives as follows:
Model 3 Standard Range Plus: now ¥ 249,900 down from ¥ 271,550
Model 3 Long Range RWD: now ¥ 309,900 down from ¥ 344,050

The Model 3 in China is expected to get several more updated features including a new heat pump. No information about any further updates or when they will be implemented were confirmed. 

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