What to Expect From Tesla’s v11 Software Update

One lucky individual was able to get inside of a refreshed Tesla Model S test vehicle and took advantage of the opportunity by snapping some shots of the user interface. The pictures reveal a version 11 of Tesla’s software, or “Tesla v11.”

Tesla uses over-air-software updates for everything from minor fixes to pushing brand-new updates to its fleet with brand-new features.

Tesla occasionally pushes software that implements several changes and features which is then usually announced as a new “version” of software from the EV giant.

The most recent bundle push dubbed Tesla v10, was released in September of 2019. With the update Tesla owners experienced UI changes and many other improvements as well as the integration of Tesla Theater and Caraoke.

Being that Tesla’s last version was pushed about a year and a half ago, a new one is long overdue. Now, a lucky Tesla enthusiast got the opportunity to sit inside a refreshed Model S and documented his experience. The pictures were shared on Reddit but were soon after taken down. However, there is still evidence of them on the forum (via u/FridayTheDog111): 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the refreshed version of the Model S and Model X in January during the automaker Q4 and 2020 earnings call. Musk stated the EV giant would hold another call regarding the upcoming refreshed vehicles but that never actually happened. However, we do know that the new version will be equipped with new screens with different aspect ratios which has caused Tesla to adjust its user interface. In this case, it would only make sense for Tesla to push the newest version of it software alongside the start of refreshed Model S deliveries.  

As you can see in the photos, the typical Tesla interface we are used to seeing is completely updated for the new Model S screens. The likeliness of some of these adjustments being integrated into other Tesla vehicles is extremely high.

Looking at the image below, it appears that there is a new app launcher screen with a navigation widget and media app. When looking at the bottom, you’ll also notice redesigned climate control buttons:

In this photo, a redesigned version of Tesla’s quick controls screen can be seen:

Another adjustment seen in the refreshed Model S/X is the size of the instrument cluster, which almost certainly will result in a modified UI. Unfortunatley, we aren’t lucky enough to see it as the Model S seen in the images was stationary when entered, but the parked screen appears to have also been updated:

Furthermore we are able to get a look at the new version’s driving settings where you can see something called “Drag Strip Mode,” which appears to be related to Launch Mode.

Tesla has also added Smart Shift. A feature that some believe will control the drive modes automatically by using Autopilot/Full Self-Driving to detect the type of driving environment. This will allow Tesla to replace the drive stalk.

In regards to the new second-row screen featured in the updated Model S and Model X, it appears that there is a Media On Drive button which will enable playing media while driving.

Model S Reservation holders have been anxiously waiting for their new vehicles since several refreshed Model S vehicles have been seen at Tesla’s Fremont factory in recent weeks. With the most recent sighting being a small batch leaving the factory on a trailer, we may be on the brink of customer deliveries.

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