SPOTTED: Tesla Model S Prototype Featuring “Yoke” Steering Wheel

Tesla’s brand new ‘yoke’ steering wheel, featured in the new updated Model S, has been seen in the wild for the first time since its unveiling last month. 

Tesla unveiled the new Model S and Model X refresh last month during its Q4 and full-year 2020 earnings call. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the automaker would hold a separate call regarding the refreshed vehicles in the following weeks, but has yet to do so.

The updated to the Model S and Model X are set to feature a brand-new interior as well as a new powertrain. One of the most noticeable changes seen in the interior is Tesla’s new ‘yoke’ steering wheel.

It was quite a controversial change among Tesla enthusiast upon its unveiling, however, the butterfly-shaped ‘yoke’ wheel has been absent in all the prototypes seen thus far, and instead have housed a normal steering wheel.

The presence of a normal steering wheel in the first public prototype sightings led to rumors that buyers could opt out of the “yoke” steering wheel. At the moment, Tesla’s Model S and Model X configurators only feature the yoke steering wheel option.

As mentioned above, all prototypes of the new refreshed vehicle have featured a normal steering wheel, that is until now. We are finally getting a glimpse of a new Tesla Model S prototype with the new “yoke” steering wheel courtesy of The Killowats:

model s yoke wheel
Model s yoke wheel

More details regarding the changes made to the Model S and Model X will be confirmed as Tesla begins deliveries which should be starting any day now. Last week, Musk confirmed that the retooling of Model S/X production lines were almost complete, meaning deliveries are in the very near future.

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