MG Confirms its Expansion; Will it Reach the USA?

European groups are launching big announcements and presenting gigantic programs for their jump to the electric car; the Chinese brands quietly accelerate their deployment in other markets. This is the case of the former British MG, which now in the hands of the giant SAIC, has confirmed a solid investment to increase its commercial presence in the old continent.

As they have officially confirmed, MG has begun to increase the number of its technical centers and stores in Europe, which will lead to doubling the current network to 200 dealers in 13 countries, among which is in addition to the United Kingdom. At the moment, it’s a great fortress. They will also open new spaces in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. By now, nothing was said about expanding to other continents.

The brand’s objective is to start to make the brand recognizable again among demanding European customers, which means betting on visibility rather than sales volume. Creating what manufacturers have labeled “brand awareness” which will be followed by creating model awareness. Two necessary preliminary steps to achieve that in addition to presence.

Currently, the trend is quite positive, even at a time of great weakness in the sector. MG’s gross sales, including electric models, plug-in hybrids, and gasoline, rose 81% to 25,619 units in 2020. The main protagonist has been the MG ZS electric SUV, which has been the reason for the expansion by Continental Europe of an MG that seeks to gain a foothold with its electricity in an increasingly demanding market.

A range that in addition to the ZS, will be made up of a plug-in hybrid, which this summer will be joined by the MG Marvel R. An SUV that will rival the Volkswagen ID.4 or Tesla Model Y, and the MG5, a family saloon that will be will put you squarely in a segment abandoned by European brands.

Proposals that will allow MG to take a significant step forward in interior design and qualities, configuring an offer that is expected to extend its attractions at exceptionally competitive prices compared to those of its rivals.

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