Model S Plaid + Delayed Until Mid-2022

After the restyling presented at the beginning of the year, the Tesla Model S has a new range consisting of three versions: the Long Range, the Plaid, and the Plaid +. This latest Model ranks as the flagship of the Model S family, and despite having the same three-engine powertrain as the Plaid, it has a higher capacity battery that should allow it to exceed 420 miles range.

With a power of 1,115 hp, the Model S Plaid + could be considered the prelude to the future second-generation Roadster, an electric hypercar that will probably see the light next year. At the time, Tesla announced that its veteran executive saloon’s most radical variant would see the light of day at the end of the year; however, their arrival has now been delayed to mid-2022.

This delay could be because, unlike the other versions, the Model S Plaid + will equip the new 4680 cells developed by the brand itself, which will have a relatively low production rate during 2021. This change in dates can be seen in Tesla’s online configurator.

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