Tesla Model S Units Loaded Up and Ready for Deliveries

A batch of refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S vehicles were spotted hot off production lines at the automaker’s Fremont factory with deliveries expected to start any day now.

Tesla introduced its long awaited refresh version of the Model S and Model X during its Q4 2020 earnings call. The refreshed models bring a new powertrain, new interior, and an updated exterior design. 

During the unveiling CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would hold another call to focus on its refreshed flagship vehicles but that never happened. Not long after, the CEO stated that deliveries of the refreshed Model S and Model X would start within a few weeks. Being that we are well into March, that obviously didn’t happen either.

In an email sent to employees from Musk, he stated a few weeks ago that Model S/X production lines were still being retooled but were almost finsihed: “Model S/X production lines are almost done with the retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we are soon going to need to go back to two shifts. Please recommend friends for recruiting.”

Reservation holders have been anxiously waiting for their new vehicles since several refreshed Model S vehicles have been seen at Tesla’s Fremont factory in recent weeks. However, it looks like the EV giant is finally ready to deliver, as a small batch was spotted leaving the factory on a trailer:

Over the last few years Tesla has remained focused primarily on the Model 3 and Model Y, so an refresh to the Model S and Model X was a welcome and long overdue update. With this new update, perhaps Model S/X sales will pick back up to what they experienced during their initial launch. And it seems to have already begun working as Musk reported to employees in the same email from above that Model S/X orders have experienced an increase in orders thanks to the design refresh.

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