A Tesla Model 3 Powered by Solar Energy?

On the Internet, you can find all kinds of videos, from the most unusual to those trying to make an idea come true. In the case that concerns us in a video today, an owner of a Tesla Model 3 has wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to recharge his electric car’s battery using solar panels.

Vehicles in general, whether they are internal combustion or electric cars, spend most of their lives parked waiting to be used by their owners.

For an electric car, this can be an excellent opportunity to recover electrical energy and store it in its battery. With this idea in mind, there are different future alternatives, such as Sono Motors or the latest IONIQ 5, which incorporate photovoltaic panels on the roof, while the other on parts of its bodywork.

But now, an owner of a Tesla Model 3 has wanted to see if, with a portable solar panel computer, he can power his car’s battery when it is parked.

The solution tested in the video is not fixed and can only be used while the car is stationary. Still, it is an alternative when trying the vision of this North Carolina-based American.

The solution tested in the video may not be the most economical in terms of return on investment, as portable inverters still have high prices. But this recording highlights that perhaps, over time, it will set the industry trend as an extra element in the pursuit of greater transport efficiency.

For those who want to replicate this experiment, from FCE, you will have to collect some of the best portable solar panels and portable solar generators on the market.

Remember that to complete the installation; you will need an inverter. An inverter is an essential component of any solar panel system since it is the component that collects solar energy in the form of direct current (DC) energy and converts it into more usable alternating current (AC) energy in domestic terms.

In addition to all this, portable solar generators are also available, which allow power devices and certain appliances, even outside the home or when their primary power source is disconnected. These devices are also perfect for camping or outdoor adventures.

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