VW Increases the Production of ID.3 and ID.4 to 800 Units Per Day

With the goal of reaching 300,000 electric cars manufactured in one year, Volkswagen has increased production at its Zwickau plant in Germany to 800 units between its two new zero-emission cars, the ID.3 and the ID.4 SUV.

The factory where the new Cupra Born will be manufactured in the second half of 2021, seems to pick up pace with a production that multiplied by 800 cars a and day could reach 300 thousand units in a year. A figure necessary to meet the objectives set by the Teutonic house.

Since 1990 Volkswagen has manufactured a total of 6,049,207 cars in Zwickau. If this plant at its best produced 300,000 cars with an internal combustion engine.

Now with cars that will not emit a single gram of harmful substances or NOx suspended particles, or CO2, during their entire useful life, the plant could reach 330,000 units per year.

To reach this figure, two more electric cars and the new Cupra must go into production at the factory.

To celebrate the increase in production, the Zwickau square has published a video of one of the new, recently installed presses to welcome the new models that will allow VW to reach new production figures

Volkswagen plans to gradually transform the rest of its German plants into facilities dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of electric cars in the short term. Therefore, the assembly of its thermal models will gradually be transferred to other countries to dedicate all the German production capacity to the group’s electrical range.

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