Elon Musk Says Contact Tesla if You Want the New FSD Beta Software

After revealing that there would be a wider release of a new version of Tesla’s Full-Self Driving Beta in the coming weeks, Elon Musk is now dishing out even more. The CEO revealed that Tesla will be doubling the size of its Full Self-Driving Beta program with the new upcoming update.

Tesla pushed a Full Self-Driving Beta release to a small group of owners in the “Early Access” program last October. Tesla’s “Early Access” program consists of a group of Tesla owners that gain early access to Tesla’s new features in order to test them and give feedback before their full release.

Tesla release of its Full Self-Driving beta was a huge milestone for the EV giant and an even bigger stride towards true autonomy via over-the-air software updates.

Although Tesla’s current software doesn’t allow for true self-driving, it is a step up from Tesla’s Autopilot highway driving, as it enables Tesla’s driver-assist system to navigate through city streets and intersections. In any case, the driver is still required and responsible for being alert and attentive at all times should the vehicle need to be taken control of.

Since its October release, Tesla has pushed several new versions of the beta software and gradually widened the the beta release to more owners. Now the CEO is claiming Tesla will double the size of its next FSD beta release.

As mentioned above, Musk stated a wider release with a new version of Tesla’s FSD beta would take place in the next month. Now the CEO is giving us an idea of how wide its next release will be: 

Musk was previously noted saying there are currently over 1,000 Tesla owners testing its FSD beta. The real-world data collected from the test fleet is used to improve Tesla’s neural network as well as the software’s performance.

We still dont know the exact date of this new wider release version of the FSD Beta software. As mentioned above, Musk stated earlier this week to expect it “hopefully” next month.

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