Nikola Motors Awarded a 1.7 Million Dollar Grant From US Department of Energy

Nikola Motors received a $1.7 million grant from the US Department of Energy. This money is directed to a research working on the ‘Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly’ (MEA) technology.

MEA is a hydrogen-based technology, that according to the company it could be a game-changing on the trucking market. With the new income of funds, the company could speed up the development of it and even use it in its vehicles:

“This award provides an opportunity for the highly talented Nikola team to leverage expertise in academia and exceptional resources within the DOE Fuel Cell Consortium for Performance and Durability to accelerate a breakthrough that will benefit the entire hydrogen and fuel cell industry and community,” said the company.

Nikola’s Class 8 vehicle has already 14,000 orders on the list. The production will start only in 2022, in Arizona, where the vehicles will also be tested.

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