Tesla Closer to Full Release of its FSD Beta Software Update

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bringing the holiday cheer to some Tesla owners with his recent tweets. Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla is almost ready to move forward with a wider release of its new Full Self-Driving Beta software update.

Tesla released its first Full Self-Driving Beta software update to a limited earl access group of owners in order to test the new feature out and see the response from owners. In the weeks since it was released, Tesla has consistently been releasing software updates to the new feature in order to fix bugs and install new capabilities.

If these improvements were effective on Tesla’s part, the California based company could be slated for a wider release of its Full Self-Driving Beta software. One of the most talked about features from the new Full Self-Driving Beta software is Tesla’s Navigation on Autopilot which allows the vehicle to drive autonomously on city streets, of course with the driver’s attention still focused on the road.

Today, Musk went to Twitter to tease that a new update that is expected to hit next week will come with “fundamental improvements” and will also add “entire new areas of functionality”:

The CEO did not go on to say what the “entire new areas of functionality” would be but he did add that Tesla will widen the release if the update works well in the limited beta release: “If next week’s release looks good, we will widen beta.”

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