New Version of Tesla’s FSD Coming Next Month in Wider Release

After revealing that Tesla will begin offering is Full Self-Driving feature as a monthly subsrciption package in the coming months, CEO Elon Musk is now hinting towards something else. Tesla is now aiming to release a new version of its Full Self-Driving Beta software with “Autosteer on city streets” next month. But, that isn’t all. The CEO also said it should come with a wider release.

Tesla started to push a Full Self-Driving Beta release to a limited amount of “Early Access” owners in October of last year. The “Early Access” program is a group consisting of Tesla owners that test early versions of new Tesla features.

Tesla release of its Full Self-Driving beta was a huge milestone for the EV giant and an even bigger stride towards true autonomy via over-the-air software updates.

As it is hopefully well known, Tesla’s current software doesn’t allow for true self-driving as the driver is still required to be alert and attentive at all times should the vehicle need to be taken control of. However, it is a giant advancement from Tesla’s Autopilot highway driving, as it enables Tesla’s driver-assist system to navigate through city streets and intersections.

Using Tesla’s FSD beta, drivers are able to input their desired destination and the vehicle will essentially drive them there autonomously. However, the driver has to keep their hands on the steering wheel, should they need to take over.

Since its push, videos of Tesla’s FSD beta surface all over the place showing the truly amazing technology in action. Of course there are two sides to every story, and some experiences were less than amazing.

Now even more people will get to experience this technology first hand as CEO Elon Musk is claiming a new version and a wider release of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta software should come next month:

The CEO added “FSD beta build V8.1 normally drives me around with no interventions. Next version is a big step change beyond that. Tesla is solving a major part of real-world AI. This is not widely known.”

Musk has been noted saying that Tesla will bring true autonomy to vehicles in 2021 in the past. However, it isn’t the first time the CEO has spurted off timelines and hasn’t followed through. In any case, the amount of regulatory approval this type of technology has to receive before being able to offer true autonomous driving, it’ll be awhile before driving isn’t the driver’s responsibility.

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