First Patent Images of Karma’s Upcoming Electric SUV

Karma Automotive, formerly known as Fisker Automotive, is slated to bring a larger lineup of vehicles in the coming years, including a couple SUVs according to a recently leaked patent drawing. Karma’s only current offering is the Revero, which is a revamped version of the original Fisker Karma. However, patent images submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggest that Karma is planning to produce an SUV.

Looking at the patent drawings we see a sporty, sleek looking SUV that according to some reports, Karma would like to see compete with smaller electric SUVs on the market, like the Tesla Model Y and the Volkswagen ID.4. Unfortunately, the patent image is just that, as there were no other specs like platform, power, battery capacity or range leaked.

The Karma SUV seen in the patent drawings is low-slung with wide haunches much like the Revero. It is accompanied by a long hood, possibly to be utilized as a “frunk” (front trunk). However, we don’t even know if the new SUV from Karma will be fully electric or if they plan to offer a plug-in hybrid variant of the SUV using a small displacement engine. It doesn’t seem that far-fetched especially if the same BMW-sourced turbocharged three-cylinder that’s offered in the Revero is used.

To take on the likes of Tesla and Volkswagen, it is a wise choice to bring an electric SUV to the market. The sales momentum behind SUVs, especially in the US, is sure to help as well. For now, we will just have to wait to see if the vehicle in these images materializes as a concept car or a ready-to-sell production vehicle.

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