Tesla Model 3 Also Gets Price Cuts in Japan

This week we have seen how Tesla has been updating the price of the Model 3. Some changes have led to a reduction in the cheaper version, Standard Range +, which is now being extended, as usual, to other markets. This is the case in Japan, where with the recent reduction, the Model 3 is already cheaper than the Nissan LEAF e +.

According to the Tesla configurator in Japan, the Model 3 Standard Range + starts at 4,290,000 yen. A cost that includes the latest updates, such as the electric trunk lid or heat pump, in addition to the basic Autopilot.

An example of how far behind the Japanese manufacturers is the Nissan Leaf e+, costing 4,056,000 yenes, seeing how the competition is passing them in the mechanical or technological aspect and the economic part. With a Model 3 being manufactured near its main markets, the cost will only go down, something that collides with the immobility of some traditional brands.

And we can think that size is a significant factor in markets saturated in terms of space, such as Japan. But let’s not forget that Tesla is preparing a compact that will come to be, by measures, very close to the LEAF and below economically, so it’s up to compete with all categories and segments very soon.

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