Karma is Developing an Electric Pickup

Karma Automotive is already developing its own electric Pickup. The company intends to take full advantage of the tremendous popularity that this type of vehicle is expected to achieve over the next few years, especially on the American market.

To achieve this goal, Karma plans to use a new platform for vehicles with four-wheel drive, whose production will take place at the company’s plant located in southern California. This same platform will also be used later in a new luxury electric SUV.

Karma expects to market its electric Pickup at a lower price than the Revero, which currently starts at 135 thousand dollars. In any case, it does not seem that this will be inferior to that of the Tesla Cybertruck, which will go on sale from $39,000. Also, Rivian initially announced that its R1T Pickup would reach the market from $69,000, although recently, the company said the final price could be lower.

For the moment, little more is known about Karma’s future electric pickup, but the company intends to present a prototype towards the end of the year officially.


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