Lucid Motors Calls Arizona Home

Lucid Motors is moving toward the delivery of its flagship electric sedan this spring. Its production lines have begun to come to life and it is now calling a 590-acre site in Casa Grande, Arizona home to its new production facility.

This is the first factory that, since the beginning of the construction, is dedicated to electric vehicles and the first car manufacturer to inhabit Arizona.

The factory’s construction is divided into phases, each of which seeks to be productive for Lucid, seeking to expand up to 5.1 million square feet, and today we can say that phase 1 occupies 999,000 square feet.

Production at AMP-1, Lucid Air starts with the body, then for painting and finally interior. After that, each car receives its battery pack, wheels, and doors for the final inspection.

For now, Lucid is focusing on pre-production of its Air sedan that will be launched in the Air Dream Edition this spring. It seems that there was a lot of novelty around this factory, mainly due to the Gravity SUV project and a likely merger with SPAC.

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