Most Promising Startups in the EV World – Part 3

Today we come with the last part of the promising EV startups to give you more options as a consumer in the future!

Millor Battery

Millor Battery is a Spanish manufacturer of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles founded in 2015, which has already accumulated numerous awards, recognitions, and various agreements with customers from different sectors such as electric buses.

This company has made a place for itself in developing and manufacturing high-performance lithium batteries tailored for small and medium series projects. To achieve tasks with more extensive production series, the Spanish company has presented modular batteries that promise to be the best on the market for electric buses and trucks, among other heavy vehicles.


Zapgo designs batteries using nanocarbon and ionic electrolytes to produce systems capable of accessing ultra-fast recharge safely and also with fully recyclable components. Its Carbon-Ion (C-Ion) technology offers a possible fast charging option for electric cars and grid energy storage and electronic devices.

AVID Technology

AVID designs and manufactures powertrain components and systems for heavy-duty hybrid and electric vehicles. A sector in a full explosion due to the search for more sustainable alternatives and has not received large groups’ attention if we compare it with passenger cars. AVID manufactures a range of electric propulsion systems, such as electric fans and pumps, battery systems, traction motors, and power electronics.

Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors is in the same sector as AVID. This British company develops modular electrification systems for medium-sized commercial vehicles. Its activity focuses on four main areas: trucks, solutions to transform combustion vehicles into electric cars, performance and emissions management software, and battery management systems for trucks with electrical and plug-in hybrids.

Of course, if you know of a company with the future’s potential, do not hesitate to share it with us to give it more visibility.

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