New Side-by-Side Images Show Size of Rivian’s R1S

With deliveries of Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV just months away, it is always a pleasant suprise to see one of the electric adventure vehicles testing in the wild. With that being said it has become a kind of common occurrence as we’ve seen both EVs on the roads driving many times as Rivian doesn’t seem to exactly concerned about hiding them. 

Regardless, we haven’t seen very many shot were we can compare the size of the Rivian’s EVs to similar vehicles on the market. We just recently were able to compare Rivian R1T to a Tesla Model X thanks to a lucky Reddit user who saw the two driving side-by-side down a busy highway.

The size of Rivian’s upcoming adventure EVs has been an early concern for some people, the R1T’s bed size in-particular. However, although Rivian’s first two vehicles may not be as big a traditional full-size pickup truck or SUV, they aren’t little.

A new video uploaded by YouTube channel heraldandreview gives us a glimpse at how big Rivian’s all-electric SUV is compared to several other vehicles while it was out testing. The first of comparison is with a Ram 1500. Considering the Ram is behind the R1S instead of side-by-side, some can argue that the R1S looks larger only because of the perspective. However, we are able to gauge its size a little better as it is waiting to make a left turn next to what appears to be a Honda Civic.

The R1S is also passed by several cars, the first of which appears to be an older Ford Escape compact SUV which gives us a better gauge as they spend a split second side-by-side:

A GMC Terrain passes by the R1S as well giving us another comparison as although the GM Terrain is a compact SUV like the Ford Escape, it is longer, wider, and lower:

The R1S is then passed by a much larger Chevrolet Suburban, which ends up blocking the R1S as it passes. In fact, the only side-by-side captured from the video cuts out the front half of the Suburban making it clear it is significantly larger than the R1S.

Check out the full video below:

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