Tesla and GM Regain Access to Federal Tax Incentives in the US

The US aid program has a rather strange format, offering up to $7,500 in government aid, but with a maximum of 200,000 units. Once this phase is over, a “de-escalation” begins that gradually reduces aid until it disappears. An aspect that has punished the manufacturers that have sold the most electric cars, Tesla and General Motors. However, these manufacturers are now seeing the new administration reform the program to include them again.

According to the text, the government will add a new limit of 400,000 units. Again the same system has been criticized by industry and consumers. But on the downside, it assumes that customers who want to buy a Tesla or one of the General Motors models in the United States this year will have $7,000 in help at their disposal.

This will undoubtedly be an incentive for some manufacturers that continue to grow strongly. Tesla in the United States last year delivered 22.2% more units than the previous year. This, with the maturity of the Model Y production line should increase even more. Something that will undoubtedly help the renewal of the aid program.

In addition to encouraging sales of new cars, the new system will also save a part for second-hand electric vehicles. Thanks to this, low-income families will be able to access aid of up to $2,500 to purchase used electricity. And if the used market is encouraged, this will benefit the new car market.

Incentives will also be launched for the acquisition of electric motorcycles, industrial vehicles, trucks, electric buses, with a limit of 10% of their purchase value, in addition to aid for the expansion of recharging networks, whose operators will be able to count on with up to 20% aid from the central government.

Undoubtedly, an expected movement with the change of administration should put a giant like the United States back on the positive path after being the reference in the first years in terms of sales, but which has quickly been surpassed by China and Europe.

Something that will mean that the three main world markets will put the direction to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable forms of mobility.

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