Most Promising Startups in the EV World – Part 1

The arrival on the market of an increasing number of electric cars and the corresponding increase in sales has caused more and more companies to decide to enter the market either to develop vehicles or everything related to their ecosystem: charging points, batteries, industrial vehicles, and other components that are experiencing unstoppable growth. Let’s go over some of the most promising ones.

Oxis Energy

Britain’s Oxis Energy is developing a lithium-sulfur battery that promises to revolutionize the next generation. The company has developed a unique technology consisting of a metallic lithium anode, a sulfur cathode, and an electrolyte with lithium sulfide. OXIS has confirmed the latest promising advances that have led them to achieve an energy density of 471 Wh / kg cell, with the expectation of reaching 500 Wh / kg in less than a year. Figures that are practically double the figures of current lithium batteries.

OXIS has also indicated that the technology has not stop evolving, which will allow them to put on the market a Li-S technology capable of reaching a gravimetric and volumetric density of 600Wh / kg and more than 800Wh / L while lengthening the useful life of the cells. Undoubtedly the great workhorse of this technology that in this same year they hope will reach sufficient maturity to bring this technology to mass production finally.


InstaVolt stands out for having a smart recharging technology for electric cars, which allows not only to replicate the model of gas stations, pay-per-use without a subscription. A transparent and straightforward format where the customer will simply have to use their credit card to pay their recharge only. Something that seems elementary, but that many networks are forgetting to adopt complex monthly or annual subscription systems and then use an application to start and pay the session.


Founded by Eduard Castañeda Mañé and Enric Asunción in 2015, Wallbox has received a significant injection of capital in its latest round, where it has raised 33 million euros. That will allow them to face expansion in the United States, which will enable them to be the first company in the production and sale of charging points with a presence in the three main markets: Europe, China, and the United States.

Wallbox has created an intelligent ecosystem that facilitates the way we manage, use, and store energy. The company offers four chargers, including the Quasar, the first bi-directional charger for home use. A company with an excellent projection and that, as we remember, is based in Barcelona.

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