Jeep’s New Electric Wrangler Reinterprets the Mechanics of the 4×4

Jeep is a brand that symbolizes the 4×4 world like few others. Still, if Wrangler joins this name, the collective imagination connects with the mythical Willys that made the brand belonging to the Stellantis group famous worldwide. Now an old acquaintance is preparing to remain present in the era of new mobility with an electric car that will make an entire lineage endure.

On Jeep’s website, within the new section The Road Ahead, although a bit hidden, a new section appears where a prototype stands out that can mean a much bigger leap forward than the new range of plug-in hybrids such as the Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe.

A short video integrated into the manufacturer’s US portal, the ‘insides’ of the 100% electric version of one of the all-terrain vehicles that continue to display that name, is defined.

Despite not showing much information or characteristics, this advance may be part of Jeep’s event planned for March of this year.

The images shown by the manufacturer show how they intend to interpret the transformation to the electric era of one of the icons of the automobile made in the USA.

In the video of a model that could reach the market earlier than expected, some media such as Motor 1 say the end of this year; they propose a different mechanical scheme to the proposals of electric cars to which we are used, such as those presented by Rivian, Lordstown Motors, GMC Hummer or Tesla.

The electric Jeep Wrangler is not based on a skateboard platform, nor does it propose two, three, or four electric motors.

The images show various battery packs located in different parts of the 4×4 with a front electric motor and a large transmission, dominating the electric car’s central part.

Although the distribution of batteries is not something new, the appearance of a huge transmission, similar to those used by the 4×4 ICE, draws attention and proposes a link with the past and the off-road capabilities that attract so much to the traditional customers of the brand. However, they contrast with the current trend in the sector.

At the moment, there is not much data on this project/prototype/future model. Still, the electric Jeep Wrangler’s mere appearance, together with the new PHEV versions of the Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee, highlights the rapid transformation that the entire old group FCA is working to adapt to a market in full electrical conversion.

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