KIA Accelerates Electrification Plans, Promises 7 All-Electrics by 2026

KIA announced today that it will accelerate its plans of electrification to an “11 model EV lineup with 7 dedicated EVs by 2026.”

The Korean automaker made the announcement during its investor day today. The updated to Plan S will transform the automaker into a mobility brand.

President and CEO of KIA Corporation, Ho Sung Song said about the announcement: “KIA is being reborn in 2021 with a new logo, new design, and new corporate name. KIA will transform into a brand that excites and inspires customers with innovative mobility experiences.”

According to the automaker, the update to Plan S will focus on transitioning from internal combustion engine (ICE) to electrification by advancing electric vehicle (EV) transition, strengthening its purpose-built vehicle (PBV) business, and expanding future mobility services.

KIA’s electric transition will include BEVS, HEVS, AND PHEVS which are expected to  make up “40 percent of all sales for KIA, with an annual sales target of 1.6 million units.” The automaker plans to aim the majority of its focus at “eco-friendly vehicles” and hopes to sell at least 880,000 all-electric units in 2030, making up half of its annual sales goal.

KIA hopes to achieve these number with the help of 11 new models arriving over the next five years: “Starting with the launch of its first dedicated EV later this year, KIA will strengthen its EV lineup by 2026 with 11 new models – seven dedicated EVs built on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) architecture, and 4 based on existing ICE derivatives.”

Codenamed CV, the first new vehicle will be built on the E-GMP platform and according to the company, is also going to be equipped with some autonomous features. KIA is expected to release more details regarding the new upcoming EV next month.

Additionally, KIA announced its plans to unveil its first purpose-built vehicle (PBV) in 2022. The automaker plans to build a million PBVs by 2030. Lastly, the automaker announced its plans to offer more car subscriptions which will include EV-based subscriptions as well as car-sharing.

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