Get to Know Tesla’s New Energy User Interface Before its Release

Tesla has released a new video that teases a new user interface for energy customers that have purchased Powerwalls or other home solar products.

In 2016 Tesla acquired solar roof tile and panel company, SolarCity. After its acquisition, Tesla began adding features to its then vehicle-owner only mobile app, for Powerwall and solar customers. The new features allowed for solar customer to use the app to see where the electricity powering their home is coming from, whether it be grid, solar installation, or Powerwall.

Since its initial integration, Tesla has gradually updated the app for Tesla Energy customers. One of the new features included is the new “Storm Watch,” which detects storms, allowing owners to store energy in preparation. Another new feature gives owners a detailed overview of their own energy data.

The new video posted to Tesla’s Youtube features Tesla’s solar offering and teased an upcoming update to its energy user interface:

In the video, we see a quick glimpse of a new house animation as well as a new menu design. Some may have already seen the images as infamous Tesla hacker, green, managed to find the new features for the energy user interface prior to Tesla releasing the video while poking through a recent Tesla software update. 

The fact that green saw the new media assets in vehicle software could mean that Tesla vehicles could eventually receive the energy monitoring features.

Furthermore, the new images include Megapack, leading some to believe that the monitoring of Tesla’s commercial and industrial energy storage products will be included in the update as well.

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