VIDEO: New Tesla Semi Prototype Up Close and Personal

Just days after a new Tesla Semi prototype was spotted on a flatbed being transported to Sacramento, we are now getting an even closer look. Tesla initially unveiled two prototypes of the Tesla Semi in 2017. In order to show reservists what to expect, Tesla used the prototypes to conduct real-world road testing across the US. 

The road tests were expected to allow the automaker to make improvements to the prototype ultimately resulting in a better product come time for production.

Just days following the first sighting earlier this week, one lucky trucker by the name of Cory Draper came across the new Tesla Semi at a truck stop on his route. Draper documented the sneak peek and shared the video to his YouTube channel:

As it was noted after the first sighting, the new prototype is visually very similar the original design, however there are still several tweaks. Take a look at the previous prototype (left) and the new prototype (right) and see if you can spot the differences:

It is apparent that on of the lines at the top of the front fenders is absent and the back panels have been extended. It also appears that there is a slight change to the slope on the front of the new Tesla Semi prototype. Draper was even lucky enough to get a 360 degree view and documented the prototypes chassis:

The Tesla Semi was originally slated to hit the market in 2019 but was quickly pushed to enter low “volume production” in late 2020. As we all know, 2020 came and went and there was no Tesla Semi production in sight. Not surprising considering the tumultuous year that was 2020, which caused several projects, from multiple companies to see delays, including the Tesla Semi which has now been pushed to 2021.

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