The First Owner of a Tesla Powerwall has Managed to Save $8,000 in Electricity in Four Years

Nick Pfitzner lives in the Australian town of Kellyville Ridge. In his home, he has a 5 kW solar installation, which he has started up at the same time as his Tesla home battery. A team that has been working since January 2016, and has allowed Nick to save more than 90% of his electricity bill.

After four years in operation, the time has come to take stock. According to the owner, at this time, the solar installation and the battery, which together had a total cost 16,000 Australian dollars has allowed them to achieve savings in electrical costs at this time of 8,643 dollars.

Before installing its first-generation Powerwall and its 5kWp solar system, the Pfitzner family paid an average of $ 572.29 per quarter to power their four-bedroom home with laundry, air conditioning, state-of-the-art appliances, a swimming pool, and area games. Over the past four years, the Pfitzner home has seen a fall in the quarterly electricity cost of 92% to just $45.16 per quarter. Some quarterly bills have even been lower, with costs of only $19.47 quarterly to power your entire home.

The success story of this user has served Tesla, and its installers to achieve a considerable impact, helped by the blackouts suffered in some areas of southern Australia, where the use of these accumulators have skyrocketed well above the production capacity and installers capacity. The only the company in charge of the first Tesla battery in this market, Natural Solar, has since received more than 425,000 requests to acquire the Powerwall.

A battery that, in this case, is the first generation model, with 10 kWh capacity and output power of 5 kW. Figures that have been improved with the arrival of the second generation that increased capacity up to 14 kWh, and peak power up to 7 kW, and that as we can see will even increase the return on an investment that in this case has become a success.

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