MINI Cooper SE Redesign has it Looking Closer to the Thermal MINI

The MINI Cooper SE, the British firm’s first electric car, was presented to the world in mid-2019, just a year and a half ago. However, the young model has just received its first restyling as part of an update that has also affected the MINI Hatch 3-door, MINI Hatch 5-door, and MINI Convertible.

Although this is the first facelift received by the MINI Cooper SE, it is the second experienced by its range brothers, whose commercial life began in 2014 and will extend until 2023, the year in which the fourth generation of MINI will be launched. Hatch will feature an electric version developed jointly with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall.

The new model’s main change is found in the grill, which now has a black frame that resembles its design to that of the thermal models in the range. Gills have also been added to the bumper’s ends, while the characteristic blind air intake on the hood is retained despite no function on the electric version.

The pilots, who continue to show a striking design inspired by the United Kingdom flag (Union Jack), now have the lampshades darkened. In the specific case of the MINI Cooper SE, it seems that the wheels of the pre-restyling model remain, although, in the rest of the range, new 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels have been added. The color palette, for its part, has been enriched with three new colors.

All MINIs now feature 5-inch digital instrumentation and an 8.9-inch touchscreen as standard, while the steering wheel has undergone a slight redesign. As for the equipment, we cannot lose sight of elements such as the navigation systems «Connected Navi» with Apple CarPlay and «Connected Navi Plus» with Head-up Display and Mini Connected services.

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