Volkswagen ID.3 Design Shows its Nature in Every Detail

Thanks to the configuration of its structure, the Volkswagen ID.3 enjoys a distribution of its electric motor, energy accumulators, and other systems. Together and thanks to a propulsion system that directs the mechanical energy generated to the rear axle gives it poise while on the move and, at the same time, optimal agility in any driving situation.

Thanks to a design that maximizes the inherent qualities of its nature as an electric car, this architectural base gives it its compact exterior dimensions.

With a length of 4.26 meters and a wheelbase of 2.76 m, the distance between its axes translates into an interior typical of a mid-size saloon. It again mentions that it is a design of its configuration as a vehicle compact.

It could be said that the Volkswagen ID.3 has the exterior measurements of the benchmark and icon of the automotive industry Volkswagen Golf with a cabin that has its own interior space that offers a saloon intended for comfort on trips or family use such as that of the Volkswagen Passat.

As for the exterior design, the Volkswagen ID.3, which has been on the market since this summer, shows a clean, innovative, and attractive design.

Standing in front of this car, we see the subtlety of its features: a clear brand image, with the renewed signature emblem presiding over the center of it and relying on some essential members who give their design its own identity.

From cleaning its optics to a grill that, due to its technology, dispenses with the traditional air inlet grille on the grille, this front incisor is supported by a pair of spoilers under the license plate that channel the airflow.

The almost continuous line that forms the hood with the A-pillar, which frame the sides of a front glass of generous area, is elongated and progressive. This line takes a slightly convex shape to the B pillar, where the front door shares space with the rear and, from there, the smooth fall towards the C-pillar, with a shape reminiscent of that of a rhombus. It is unequivocally cut in its descent towards the lower diffuser of the rear bumper, supported by a subtle spoiler integrated on the back window and which, at the same time, offers a more than compact image, in its rearview.

A back that looks simple, again, the brand logo, and, for the first time in history, the name of this model on a boot access door whose width, thanks to the segmentation of the pilots, favors the placement or removal in its trunk, a compartment intended to house material with 385 liters of capacity. It has been designed with a height of the load line that does nothing but facilitate the maneuver of loading or unloading the transported.

And if we talk about its interior, avant-garde, and technology merge and integrate into a new format to traditional solutions.

On the one hand, the screens that the Volkswagen ID.3 equips, one behind the steering wheel and the other in the center console but, slightly oriented towards whoever drives this vehicle, combined with the glass surface that increases the feeling of light and space available is wrapped by a state-of-the-art technological environment as shown by the head-up display that projects the images on the front glass. Thus allowing the integration of practical information into the analog image that the occupants and mainly who drives, uniting all stimuli in a single focus of attention.

The simple but elegant design is futuristic and innovative and is supported by the inclusion of high-quality materials that increase the use and enjoyment of the car, which manifests its nature as a new era car in an obvious way.

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