The Largest Diesel Engine Factory Aims to Produce 900,000 Electric Motors by 2025

The transformation is underway, and the race to flood the market with new proposals for electric vehicles for all tastes has long begun, so it is time to run for those who had been left standing waiting for events.

The French factory in Tremery, which belongs to the Stellantis group, is the largest in the world in terms of diesel engines’ manufacture. The facilities that belong to the French group PSA have begun their transformation towards propulsion groups of mobility far from diesel.

They have nothing to do with an electric motor if we compare it with one powered by diesel fuel. An example comes from delivering the power, or the absence of any noise, especially the unpleasant and characteristic sound of propellants created by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel.

But if due to efficiency, silence, and torque delivery capacity, the electric motor completely sweeps the diesel engine, where the first one stands out is when it comes to accounting for greenhouse gas emissions and, especially, nitrogen oxide (NOx ) that comes out of the exhaust pipe of every car powered by diesel.

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