The Wait is Finally Over: Mercedes-Benz Introduced the EQA

The EQA is a Mercedes entry-level electric car. This 4.46-meter-long compact SUV derives directly from the popular GLA (the EQA’s EVA 1.5 platform is roughly an electric version of the GLA’s MFA 2). However, the newcomer stands out thanks to a specific design that draws directly from the lines of the well-known EQC.

The front optics and the faired grille topped by an LED strip give it its personality, while at the rear, the aggressive drivers are now joined across the width of the gate, which no longer houses the license plate (it is currently located on the bumper). . There is also a selection of specific tires up to 20 inches. The aerodynamics are very careful, with a Cx of 0.28, although the boot loses some capacity (340 liters) due to the presence of batteries under the floor.

The cabin is practically identical to that of the GLA, including the huge display made up of two screens (7 inches as standard and 10.25 inches as an option, one for the instrumentation and the other touch for the infotainment system) that presides over the dashboard. However, it has its elements, such as the backlit trim in front of the passenger and the rose gold decorations on the vents, seats, and key. The model will keep the folding rear seats in a 40/20/40 ratio.

Initially, the EQA 250 variant will be marketed, equipped with a 190 hp (140 kW) and 375 Nm engine in a front-wheel-drive configuration. It can do 99mph, and 0-62mph takes 8.9 seconds. It should be noted that the propulsion system has been decoupled from the running gear and the body to guarantee acoustic comfort and the absence of vibrations, to which many other soundproofing measures should be added.

Its 66.5 kWh battery allows it to homologate 265 miles of range. Regarding the load, you will be able to access powers of 11 kW in alternating (going from 10% to 100% in 5 hours and 45 minutes) and 100 kW in continuous (going from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes). The regenerative braking system for its part will have five operating modes selectable by means of paddles behind the wheel: DAuto, D +, D, D- and D–. The D + mode allows driving “under sail,” while the D– allows the “driving of a pedal.”

Like other Mercedes-Benz models, the EQA features the advanced MBUX infotainment system. Also, the newcomer goes one step further thanks to intelligent assistants such as the Electric Intelligence navigation system, which allows calculating the fastest route taking into account aspects such as topography and stops to load, and can adapt in real-time to changes in traffic.

Its range will consist of three finishes: Progressive, Electric Art, and AMG Line. Among the extensive standard equipment of the EQA, we can highlight the heat pump, the cabin pre-air conditioning function (activated from the MBUX system or the Mercedes me App), the active lane departure detector, and the active braking assistant. It will also come equipped with a full-color Head-up Display and the navigation system with augmented reality.

Later on, the EQA range will be enriched with the arrival of new versions: variants with 4MATIC all-wheel drive and powers greater than 272 HP (200 kW) are planned and equipped with higher capacity batteries that will exceed 310 miles of range.

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