Mercedes-Benz’s Exclusive Platform to Rival Porsche

Like rivals such as Audi or BMW, Mercedes-Benz is preparing to become fully electrified throughout this decade. By 2025, the star firm wants to have more than ten electric models for sale, while by 2030, it expects there to be more than twenty, covering all possible market niches.

In the short term, the launch of several models is confirmed: the EQA and EQB compact SUVs, the EQE executive saloon, the EQS representative saloon, its SUV derivatives (known as EQE SUV and EQS SUV respectively), the EQG off-road vehicle, and the van EQT. All these vehicles will join the current EQC and EQV in the coming years.

Although models such as the EQA and EQB will employ adapted thermal architectures, Mercedes-Benz’s electrification strategy will be based on using two dedicated modular platforms: the MMA, for compact and medium cars; and the EVA, for larger vehicles. The first will be derived from MFA 3 and arrive in 2025, while the second will debut next year with the EQS. Initially, both will have advances such as 800-volt electrical systems.

However, the German brand is also preparing a third platform for the development of electric sports cars. According to Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz, the company will likely introduce such architecture in the next few years. The objective? Stand up to Porsche with her.

“We have a very complete product portfolio, which includes very attractive sports cars, and sports cars will also be electric. So stay tuned, ” said Harald Wilhelm, Daimler’s CFO, on Friday. These enigmatic words may refer to the Vision EQXX prototype’s imminent presentation, a high-performance electric car that also promises a range of about 745 miles per charge.

Which electric sports cars will Mercedes-Benz launch in the coming years? The truth is that, if we take into account that the EVA platform of the EQE and EQS will already be advanced enough to develop on it large passenger cars similar to the discontinued S-Class Coupé and Cabrio, we may find ourselves with more specialized models. A substitute for the little SLC? An electric version of the mythical SL? The heir to the SLR McLaren/SLS AMG/AMG GT saga? It shouldn’t take too long to find out.

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