Mercedes Teases EQA Ahead of January 20 Reveal

Mercedes-Benz teased a new image of the interior of its upcoming EQA model before its digital world premiere on January 20, 2020.

The new model is already in production at MercedesRastatt plant in Germany. It is expected to be available at European dealerships by Spring of 2021. The automaker also plans to produce the all-electric compact crossover/SUV at its plant in Beijing for the Chinese market.

Mercedes-Benz plans to introduced the single-motor EQA 250 version first, which has a total power output of 140 kW. More capable and all-wheel drive versions will be available in the future:

”The new EQA takes all the positive features of its sister model GLA and combines them with a highly efficient electric drive. With an output of 140 kW, the EQA 250 demonstrates how the brand with the star envisions tailor-made e-mobility for the diverse needs of young, urban target groups. After the market launch, further power levels up to over 200 kW as well as a variant with all‑wheel drive will successively follow.”

With the world premiere just around the corner, the automaker teased an image of the EQA’s cabin:

As a sister model to the GLA, the EQA’s lighting and a design is definitely reminiscent of its ICE sibling. Mercedes says that navigation will come standard, along with Electric Intelligence which is able to calculate the quickest route to your desired destination. It can also identify where the nearest charging locations are along the route as well as updating the weather. 

The long awaited digital world premiere of the Mercedes-Benz EQA will take place this Wednesday, January 20, at 11am CET.  The EQA will join larger EQ-series products like the EQC and will go on sale in Europe in Spring 2021.

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