General Motors Presents an Authentic Wave of Surprise EVs at CES

During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas 2021, General Motors has deployed all its artillery by surprise, introducing numerous new electric and/or autonomous models, as well as its new brand of BrightDrop electric vans.

General Motors has limited itself to showing some prototypes wrapped in shadows without revealing hardly any technical data about them. The main conference of the multinational at the event had as witnesses a total of seven electric concept cars: the well-known GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq, a Chevrolet electric pick-up, two Buick (probably destined for China), the luxury sedan Cadillac Cesletiq, and what looks like the expected Chevrolet Bolt EUV, the SUV derivative of the well-known Chevrolet Bolt minivan.

Precisely this last model will be presented in just a few weeks, which is why Chevrolet has taken the opportunity to show new images of its interior. The SUV will have, as expected, the latest generation digital panel; Also, on the steering wheel, you can see the indicator light that characterizes vehicles equipped with the Super Cruise “hands-free” autonomous driving system.

But without a doubt, the main protagonist of the spectacular deployment carried out by General Motors was the premium brand Cadillac. Not surprisingly, the historic firm will become the main bastion of the company against Tesla. Among other things, the first images of the Celestiq, as mentioned above, a sedan destined to become Cadillac’s flagship, were shown.

Cadillac has also shown the Pod, an autonomous vehicle derived from the well-known Cruise Origin. This capsule will differ from the original model utilizing a luxury cabin, which leads us to think that this kind of robotic taxi will be more focused on the transport of VIP clients. As you might expect, it will be a Tier 5 autonomous vehicle.

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