VIDEO: First Look at GM’s Upcoming Cadillac Celestiq

The all-digital CES 2021 began yesterday and will continue through this Thursday showcasing upcoming products, engaging with global brands, and defining the future of the tech industry. General Motors took advantage of this year’s annual trade show to promote its electrification efforts in the form of its Ultium battery platform, as well as teasing some of its upcoming EVs.

Up until today, GM had only released one photo of the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq. Now, GM has gifted us with a short video along side several teaser images of what they described as a “ultra-luxury, fully electric … show car.” although the images and short video don’t necessarily show a full shot of the model, it does give us a closer look at some of the EV’s details.

The odd lighting and angle choices seen in the gallery make it a little difficult to look at the luxury sedan as a whole, rather than just the front with a lit up grille. The teaser video follows suite with irregular lighting and sharp angles:

The Celestiq was designed to “set a new standard for luxury EVs, the CELESTIQ embodies Cadillac’s commitment to reimagine what’s possible in design and technology” according to the company. Cadillac’s projected future flagship model will sit on GM’s brand new modular Ultium battery architecture.

According to GM, each Celestiq will “reflect the individuality of its owner.” The video showcases the EV’s glass roof which will be customizable with transparency adjustments above each person. The luxury sedan will also come equipped with a pillar-to-pillar freeform display in front, as well as individual console screens between the seats in the front and back where you can control individual climate, comfort, and infotainment settings. It will also likely come equipped with GM’s “hands free” advanced driver assist system, Super Cruise.

The Cadillac Celestiq will come standard with all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, but there is still no word on a release date or any relevant specs as of today. 

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