Rivian-Amazon Electric Delivery Van Sings Through the Suburbs of LA

A brand new Rivian-built Amazon delivery van was spotted delivering packages in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Facebook user Jeffrey Chen posted several photos and a couple videos of Amazon’s new delivery van, developed by electric vehicle startup, Rivian.

Rivian and Amazon have been working together since Rivian took a $700 million round of funding led by Amazon last year.  Following the epic funding round, Amazon announced it would be purchasing 100,00 electric vans from Rivian to add to its delivery fleet. One of the biggest deals of its kind and a huge win for the electric vehicle startup worth over $4 billion.

To date, we had only seen a parked prototype of the electric delivery van, as well as a sighting of another prototype highway testing last month. Now, it appears that the Rivian Amazon electric van’s testing process has taken it to the streets of LA. 


The images and videos obtained by Chen showcase the electric van’s pedestrian warning system. In the video you can hear the sound while moving, parked, and idling. Its function is pretty self explanatory as it is used to alert pedestrians to the presence of electric drive vehicles. Not only is it a smart feature for safety reasons, but it will soon be required in all EVs. The Japanese government, U.S. Congress and the European Commission have been exploring legislation to establish a minimum level of sound for plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles when operating in electric mode since 2009.

There are mixed reviews on the sound the new Rivian Amazon electric delivery van is currently projecting. However, its may not necessarily be the final sound the two companies decide on for official production. Check it out in the videos and decide for yourself!

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