Lordstown Endurance Receives Over 100,000 Pre-Orders

Lordstown Motors announced today that it hit a new milestone with over 100,000 pre-orders from commercial fleets for its all-electric Lordstown Endurance pickup truck.

An impressive jump compared to the 50,000 pre-orders the automaker reported in mid-November. Additionally information revealed an average order size of about 600 units meaning orders were placed by somewhere around 170 fleets. 

CEO of Lordstown Motors, Steve Burns, commented on the announcement: “Receiving 100,000 pre-orders from commercial fleets for a truck like the Endurance is unprecedented in automotive history. Adding in the interest we have from federal, state, municipal and military fleets on top of that, I think you can see why we feel that we are about to revolutionize the pickup truck industry.”

The Lordstown Endurance has a claimed range of 250 miles.  It’s quad-motor all-wheel-drive system allows a towing capacity up to 7,500 lbs (3,400 kg). The crew cab configuration with a medium bed length has a starting price of $52,500, $45,000 after federal tax credits. It is the first commercial vehicle to feature four in-wheel hub motors, reducing the number of moving parts, which ultimately improves vehicle control. The lack of moving parts also cuts down on total maintenance costs and cost of ownership compared to that of a traditional commercial vehicle.

It is important to note that these 100,000 pre-orders are non-binding production reservations. Lordstown is currently building the first Beta Endurance vehicles and is slated to begin production in September of this year.

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