Tesla Showcases Battery Pack and Module Production Line at Shanghai Gigafactory

Giga Shanghai currently produces the Tesla Model 3, the company’s most economical model. Although initially only its Standard Range Plus RWD access version was manufactured, it has recently been announced that the facilities will also ship Long Range RWD (currently discontinued at the Fremont factory) and Long Range Dual Motor Performance (known simply as ‘Performance’).

Tesla aims to achieve a production capacity of some 150,000 units a year in the short term. However, it is currently working on expanding the facilities to accommodate the manufacture of a second model, the Model Y. The Model Y has the potential to out-sell its brother sedan and will be responsible for increasing the combined capacity of the factory to about 250,000 units per year.

Now, on the occasion of the presentation of its corresponding financial results with the first quarter of 2020, Tesla has released a new video of Giga Shanghai. It shows, in addition to the works being carried out to expand the complex of the face at the start of production of Model Y, the manufacturing line for modules and battery packs.

The building dedicated to this work is smaller than the others. This is because contrary to what happens in Giga Nevada, cells are not manufactured in Asian facilities but are provided by an external provider, in this case, LG Chem. Tesla itself installs cylindrical cells (2170 format) in modules, which in turn, are inserted into packs. Later, it is expected that it will also start supplying cells to the CATL company. Later, Tesla itself will produce the cells of its development. However, for the moment, it is unknown whether Giga Shanghai will receive its manufacturing line.

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