Fisker Ocean Off-Road

Fisker Ocean will have an Off-Road Version

A few months ago, Fisker presented the SUV Ocean, its first 100% electric car. This model, intended to rival the Tesla Model Y, will be available at a starting price of $37,499. However, it will also be offered through a flexible leasing contract for $379 per month with maintenance included (the maximum annual mileage will be about 48,000 km).
The first units of this vehicle, which can already be reserved after a refundable deposit of $ 250, will arrive at the end of 2021 to their owners. One of the most exciting aspects of this vehicle will be the extensive use of “vegan” and recycled materials inside (mats made with bottles and fishing nets, dashboard inserts made from T-shirts, rubbers made from used tires … ). The SUV will have two front radars that will be used in an autonomous driving system, although Fisker has not yet given details about it.

Fisker Ocean Off-Road

The model will be available in two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions, with the most potent variant capable of 0-60 mph (0-96.6 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds. The battery for its part will be 80 kWh of capacity, which will give it a range of about 480 km under the realistic EPA approval cycle.

The Ocean will have a sunroof that will allow adding 1,600 km of autonomy per year (specifically, it is expected that it can generate almost 5 km of extra range per day). It will also equip a curious function called California Mode, which will allow you to open the sunroof and lower all the windows and the door glass, which will make the vehicle a sort of convertible.

Fisker Ocean Off-Road

Now, a report from the British press has revealed that Fisker is preparing an off-road version of the Ocean. Henrik Fisker himself has confirmed the arrival of this model, which will feature specially developed tires for off-road driving, as well as widened wheel arches, a raised suspension, and a roof rack with the spare wheel on the roof.

Even though this vehicle is most likely to be very useful in the field, it will not cease to be an SUV, as it will have a monocoque body, independent suspensions, etc. It is not even sure that this version does not limit itself to adding aesthetic accessories to give a more adventurous appearance to the vehicle.

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