Lunaz Plans to Convert Classic Range Rovers to Electric

After converting classic Jaguar, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce models to run on electric power, electric conversion specialist Lunaz has announced it’s plans to produce a run of classic Range Rovers converted to do the same. A conversion that has been highly requested by Lunaz customers.

The converted vehicles will be based off of Range Rovers from 1970-1994 (also known as the “classic era”). The company only plans to make a small batch of 50. The converted Range Rovers will offer a range of different configurations including long and short wheelbases and ‘town’ and ‘country’ specifications that will showcase the car’s versatility of being used as both a chauffeur-driven luxury car and off-road country vehicle.

The Range Rovers four-wheel drive will be paired with new updated suspension which will include improved brakes and anti-roll bars. In order to retain the car’s original body, it will get 3D scanned and recreated using CAD.

Technical lead and managing director at Lunaz, Jon Hilton said about the upcoming conversions: ”We designed inherent flexibility within our approach to upcycling the world’s most celebrated cars,.” Hilton added “the commencement of production of the first electric classic Range Rovers demonstrates the scope of vehicles that can be re-engineered and given an entirely new life through conversion to our proprietary electric powertrain.”

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