Audi Begins Production of the e-tron GT Luxury Sedan

Production of Audi’s new electric luxury sedan, the e-tron GT, is officially beginning. This will be the company’s first all-electric vehicles produced in Germany as well as the e-tron SUV is currently being produced in Belgium.

Audi introduced the e-tron GT in 2018 as a collaboration with Porsche. Now, the German manufacturers announced it is starting the production of the e-tron GT at its Böllinger Höfe factory: “At the Böllinger Höfe, passion meets precision, innovation and sustainability: Series production of the fully electric-powered Audi e-tron GT is getting under way there. High performance and environmental awareness go hand-in-hand here. With 100% eco-electricity and heat from regenerative sources, production is net carbon-neutral. The resource-conserving vehicle production process also avoids paper and packaging, uses aluminum and polymer closed loops, and in a first for a new Audi model was planned without any physical prototypes at all.”

The Böllinger Höfe, which aims to be carbon neutral in the future, has been producing plug-in hybrids for Audi. According to factory director Helmut Stettner, that is what helped the brand bring the e-tron GT to production faster: “As the electric and sporty spearhead of the Audi product portfolio, the e-tron GT is also a perfect fit for the Neckarsulm site, especially for the Böllinger Höfe sports car production facility. With the Audi e-tron GT, we are producing the brand’s first fully electric car to be built at a German production site and are thus taking another giant step toward the future.”

In addition to the announcement, Audi shared a few images of the production in Böllinger Höfe:

Pricing for the luxury sedan has yet to be released but should come out when the production version is unveiled. Orders for the e-tron GT aren’t expected to open until spring of 2021.

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