Zero Labs Announces New Platform Specifically for EV Conversions

California-based automotive firm Zero Labs has announced that it has created the world’s first automotive platform specifically designed for converting an older classic vehicle into and electric vehicle

If you recognize the name Zero Labs it’s probably from when they built a $200,000 electric resto-mod Ford Bronco. It appears that the new platform has been designed to support vehicles just like that of the Ford Bronco including older Land Rover Defenders, the classic Toyota FJ, and even the International Scout. Zero Labs is apparently aiming to make the platform work with the Ford F-100 and F-150 in the future, but it is currently not supported.

The platform is essentially a replacement chassis for the mentioned vehicles and comes standard with a rear-mounted 296 hp electric motor that provides 243 pound-feet (330 Nm) of torque. You can also opt for the dual motor setup should you want to take your converted EV on an off-road adventure. In addition to all-wheel drive, the dual motor gives the vehicles total output a boost to 592 hp thanks to an additional power unit up front.

In order to keep such a tall body-on-frame vehicle with that much power under control, Zero Labs offers upgraded brakes and air suspension. The platform comes equipped with its own 85 kWh battery pack giving the housed vehicle a range of over 200 miles (320 km). A larger optional pack increases the capacity to 100 kWh for a range of over 235 miles (377 km).

No official price for Zero Labs’ new platform has been released but we can almost bet it will be pricey considering the company’s converted Ford Bronco cost around $200,000.

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