BMW iX3 Already Receiving LCI Facelift

With its recent launch, the all-electric version of BMW’s iX3 is practically brand new. However, with BMW’s plans to refresh the X3 for its mid-lifecycle update, the iX3 will be receiving a refresh of its own and it’s already been spotted in camouflage.

Photos obtained by automotive news site, Insideevs show images of BMW’s iX3 with its new LCI update. In these photos, the focus is really on the front end which is still covered in camouflage. The refreshed iX3 sits alongside other BMW test units at a BMW testing facility. The BMW iX3 has black grille surrounds, covering the silver ones with blue accents of the pre-LCI car. The headlights are thinner and sleeker than the pre-LCI version, giving it a much sportier look.

As far as powertrain and mechanical updates, we don’t expect to see any changes. The BMW iX3 currently uses a single electric motor at the rear axle to make 282 hp, 295 lb-ft of torque, and has a WLTP-rated range of 285 miles. The looks on the interior and exterior of the electric crossover SUV will be refreshed along with tech updates. Interestingly enough, the fully cover grille was not hidden giving us reason to believe that will not be changed. 

Adding to the cosmetic updates, the post-LCI iX3 will be available with a full exterior M Sport pack. The M Sport pack appears to have more aggressive looking front and rear bumpers, but only time will tell. We should see the facelifted versions of both the standard BMW X3 and BMW iX3 some time in 2021.

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