BMW iX3 Specs and Release Date Revealed

BMW iX3 Specs and Release Date Revealed during the presentation of i4. Back in Auto China 2018, the concept of the iX3 BMW was revealed, and now we have the confirmation that this car will be manufactured for the Chinese market and then shipped to other markets.

The vehicle will be quite similar to the concept shown back in 2018. BMW has developed exclusive tires that combine lightweight materials and lower aerodynamic drag.

The iX3 will be equipped with a rear-wheel-drive propulsion system (its platform will be the CLAR already used by the thermal X3) and will have a power of 210 kW (286 hp). For its part, the battery will reach 74 kWh.

BMW has chosen to change the cell type for this battery, opting for the NMC811. This means that the battery will have an energy density 20% better than the prototype.

The vehicle will hit the Chinese market at the end of 2020 and European costumers in 2021, no date for the US market yet.

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