A series of photographs of the production BMW iX3, a long-awaited model that will become the first new-generation electric car of the Bavarian firm, was recently leaked to the network. In those first images we could see the model does not differ much from the Concept iX3. Small changes in hue such as a fairing grille divided into two sections made it similar to the thermal versions of the X3.

The BMW iX3 will sit on the company’s CLAR platform and will initially be available only with rear-wheel drive. However, we should not rule out the arrival of all-wheel-drive versions in the future. It’s the electric motor that will yield 286 hp (210 kW), while its 74 kWh capacity battery will reach a range greater than 440 km under the European WLTP approval cycle.

The pack will also have some new cells with NMC 811 chemistry, thanks to which the energy density will be 20% higher than that of the prototype. Thanks to the use of these batteries with a low percentage of cobalt and the fact that the model will be manufactured exclusively in China, its starting price is expected to be quite competitive compared to other electric SUVs in the premium D segment.

Now a new series of photographs has arrived from China that shows us more details of this exciting SUV, including its different types of trims, wheels, etc. For starters, the blue accents that adorned the leaked unit a few days ago on items like the grille, heel pads, and the diffuser will be optional and not standard.

Also, the trim of the bodywork may be chrome or black (that is, the frame of the grille and the windows). The SUV will have two models of rims, some conventional and others of aerodynamic type. Along with two kinds of headlights (probably some full LED as standard and optional adaptive LED matrix).

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