LEAKED: First Photos of the Production BMW iX3

The first photos of the new electric BMW iX3 are now leaked! As we can see from the pictures, there are hardly any physical changes to the exterior of the iX3. It is striking that the front grill has finally closed in two sections, which makes it more like combustion models.

Among the few elements that differentiate it are the blue details distributed throughout its body, such as on the edges of the grille, the steps of the doors, and the diffusers at the rear. Small details depending on the selected color combination may go more or less unnoticed. But BMW has opted for a different strategy than the i3, which is unmistakable wherever it goes.

This leak tells us that the arrival of the iX3 is closer than ever. As we remember, it is a conversion of the X3 with a combustion engine, to which they have added a rear-wheel drive electric drive system (CLAR platform) and will have a power of 210 kW (286 hp). For its part, the battery will reach 74 kWh gross which will possibly be placed around 70 kWh useful.

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