Tesla Tops Chart in China for Driver Assistance Technology

In not so shocking news, Tesla has been named the best driver assistance system currently available in China. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Tesla currently has arguably the most advanced self-driving technology in the auto industry. 

11 companies were included in the honors, but Tesla took the top spot with quite a significant lead, even over the BMW X5 which took second place. Tesla topped the chart with 283 while the BMW took second with 208 points. The gap in points between the rest of the companies were not nearly as significant compared to Tesla’s. Looking at the results Tesla exceeded in all areas compared to the BMW except for automatic parking which the Xpeng G3 actually took the cake on. Tesla was also knocked in the congested road driving test portion but still managed to place second in that area. 

Tesla used a Model 3 with HW 3.0 during the congested road driving test. The vehicles were graded on how they handle congested roads, emergency situation reactions, lane changes, going around a curved road, human-computer interaction, self-parking, night driving and behavior during a rainy scene.

In October Tesla released a beta of its Full Self-Driving software to a limited number of early access users. Since it’s limited release beta we have seen several videos of the new feature in action. A wider beta release of the Full Self-Driving software should be expected in about two weeks according to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

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